Intel shows the benefits of ray tracing with a demo of Wolfenstien.

Ray Tracing is a very important technology when it comes to visual realism. Once the power requirments for real time ray tracing can be dealt with, ray tracing will surely be a major step forward in video games and will change graphics forever.

To remind us of the capacbilities of this tech, Intel has demonstrated some of its features in a demo of Wolfenstien. Due to the immense computational requirments of ray tracing, the feed on the laptop is through 4 servers powered by Intel's own Knight Ferry card.

The demo has some very cool details that will enrich your gaming experience by a long mile, the sheer amount of detail in the chandelier and the reflections on the car are excellent to look at. My personal favorite though, is the reflection in the sniper scope which should surely make sniping alot more fun when eventually, ray tracing gets implemented in FPS games.


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