First iPhone 13 Teardown Shows Bigger Battery, Smaller Taptic Engine, Redesigned TrueDepth Camera System & More


This initial iPhone 13 teardown might not provide a copious amount of detail on how to get access to the innards, but it does show what Apple has changed. If you thought there were not any significant design changes on the outside, wait till you see what is on the inside.

Smaller Taptic Engine Allowed for a Bigger Battery on the iPhone 13

The models in the images below appear to be the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Unfortunately, Sonny Dickson did not provide any description when he posted the photos on Twitter. According to what we can tell, the Taptic Engine has seen a significant size reduction, which is what compelled Apple to incorporate a bigger battery on all four models this year.

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You can also see that the TrueDepth camera system has been revamped and is smaller, which led to a smaller notch. After seeing the same notch since 2017, we believe it was high time for a change, and though it took Apple a long time, that change is here. You can also see the logic board in one image, where the A15 Bionic chipset is visible. Smartphone logic boards are small in size, but on this occasion, we feel that Apple has gone ahead and reduced its size as well. We would have to compare it to the previous-generation models if the company made any change here.

Assuming it did, then it would be another contributing factor as to why each iPhone 13 model sport a bigger battery. Unfortunately, this initial teardown does not provide any additional insight, so we will have to wait for a comprehensive one in the future, and we will share the entire process with our readers, so stay tuned.

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News Source: Sonny Dickson