Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Being Developed In Parallel To KH3; Out Of “Early Concept” Phase


Unlike what many expected, Final Fantasy 7 Remake hasn't been shown at this year's E3. Director Tetsuya Nomura, however, was present for Kingdom Hearts 3, and he has revealed some new information regarding the upcoming JRPG.

Speaking with IGN, Tetsuya Nomura revealed that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake development is proceeding, and the game is no longer in the early concept stages. Development os being done in parallel with Kingdom Hearts 3.

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'It's not just in the early concept stages. We are actually in development. So right now, I've been putting 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts and 100 percent into Final Fantasy 7 and 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts and going back and forth

Last month, an off-screen image of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake surfaced online, showing Cloud as well as the Air Buster boss. Many thought it was a sequence from an E3 trailer, but that wasn't the case, sadly.

Back in March, Square Enix was looking for Level Planners for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake as to increase the remake's quality.

While Final Fantasy VII Remake’s programs for general functions and contents are being tested within the development team as required, the part about reproducing the original work in high-quality graphics is reaching a satisfactory standard, and we’ve come to the conclusion that in order to meet fan expectations we must increase its quality another step higher.

Therefore, in addition to the current members for the Final Fantasy VII Remake development, we must establish a core group that includes level planners, battle planners, designers, engineers, and various types of jobs to tackle on the production of the big title

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is now in development for PlayStation 4.