Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Gets a Last Trailer, Only on PS5 for at Least 6 Months

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, the PS5-exclusive update that also includes the “FF7R Episode Intermission” chapter starring Yuffie, arrives in a bit over a month and Square Enix has dropped one final dramatic trailer! The trailer provides a brief peek at the original FF7R running on PS5, but most of it is devoted to Yuffie’s new adventure, showing off what appear to be new boss fights with Scarlet and Nero, an additional Materia Summon, and some hot board game action! You can check it all out for yourself, below.

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The end of the new trailer also hints how long Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will stay a PS5 exclusive. The game will remain on Sony’s new system for at least six months – will FFVR appear on other platforms, perhaps even non-PlayStation ones, after that? We’ll have to wait and see.

Interested in picking up the PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake? Here’s what to expect on the technical front

The expressiveness of the game’s lighting, texture, and environment has increased with the PS5 version of the game. New features have also been added, including the ability to switch between “Graphics Mode” that prioritizes high quality 4K graphics (4K compatible display required) and “Performance Mode” that prioritizes smooth action at 60FPS. The game also includes a Photo Mode where the player can take photos of in-game scenes and save their favorite memories.

…meanwhile, here’s how Square Enix describes the Yuffie chapter.

In FF7R Episode Intermission, players will fight as Yuffie, alongside Sonon, as they use fast and furious attacks to team up in all-new exciting battles against Shinra’s Director of Advanced Weaponry Division, Scarlet, and Nero, a member of the elite unit within Deepground known as the Tsviets. A new Summon Materia to call upon Ramuh, the fabled Lord of Levin also newly appears. And finally, the trailer showcases gameplay of Fort Condor, a new tactical mini-game playable in FF7R Episode Intermission.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade launches on PS5 on June 10. The game will set new buyers back $60, although those who already own FF7 Remake on PS4 can upgrade for free.

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