Only 18.3 Percent of Android Users Are Making the Switch to iPhone 13, Says Latest Survey; Here Are the Reasons Why

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Only 18.3 Percent of Android Users Are Making the Switch to iPhone 13, Says Latest Survey; Here Are the Reasons Why

The iPhone 13 is expected to bring forth a swath of upgrades, but that may not compel a whole lot of users from the Android camp to upgrade. According to the latest survey, only 18.3 percent of these users want to switch to iOS and have provided reasons for not making the switch.

Top Reasons for Not Switching to iPhone 13 Includes Lack of Touch ID and CSAM

The survey from SellCell states that the remaining 81.7 percent of respondents do not want to switch to the iPhone 13 was due to the lack of a fingerprint reader, which scored 31.9 percent of the entire vote. We can all agree that Face ID is convenient and does not require any physical contact with the phone to unlock but having another layer of security is something that Android users apparently want.

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These Android users also believe that iOS offers very little in the way of customization. This reason garnered 16.7 percent of the entire vote. The third reason is no way to sideload applications. For now, Apple prohibits the use of third-party launches due to security reasons, but recent software updates are slowly making changes to iOS in terms of personalization.

Another reason and this is a controversial one, is the intrusive iCloud photo scanning for CSAM, or Child Sexual Abuse Material. This reason is at the top half, taking 10.4 percent of the total vote. Some Android users also do not want to upgrade to the iPhone 13 because it does not sport a foldable form factor, though this only makes up 0.8 percent of the total respondents.

Keep in mind that the SellCell survey was based on 5000 Android users in the U.S. over the age of 18 and that might not include the entire region’s opinion. Regardless, for customers waiting for the iPhone 13 launch, they are likely expecting displays with faster refresh rates, improved cameras, bigger batteries, and faster performance thanks to the A15 Bionic, whose mass production reportedly kicked off in May, with Apple rumored to have placed a 100 million shipments order.

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News Source: SellCell

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