Touch ID Fails In App Store With Apples Recent iOS 8.3 Release


Apple released iOS 8.3 recently which brought a lot of changes with it. Some of the changes include performance upgrades, bug fixes and stability. A new set of emojis have also been included in the update, however there seems to be many complaints regarding a matter concerning authentication process in the App Store. Yes! Some users complain that they are unable to authenticate app purchases in the App Store via Touch ID in the newest update to iOS 8.3.

There have been enumerable reports submitted at various support communities, discussion forums and Reddit about the same dilemma that users face in the latest release of the iOS 8.3. The issue has a global impact on many different devices that includes iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S and the iPad Air 2. Even though the error does not reflect on all of the devices, still there is unrest among thousands of users.

Touch ID Authentication Broke Down With The Release Of iOS 8.3

When users download an application from the App Store, a message prompts which asks users of their Apple ID password and does not prompt the Touch ID option. This is not only annoying but lack of functionality for many users. Users have tried many ways to reset the complete process by disabling and then enabling the Touch ID but none of the ways have worked. The issue seems to lie with Apple.

Temporarily, there seems no way out of it apart from entering the Apple ID password manually which definitely is annoying for some including me. See what one of the victim to this has to say about on Reddit:

"I just updated to iOS 8.3 and it completely removed my ability to use Touch ID in the App Store on my iPhone 6. "It asks for my password for each and every purchase. Is anyone else seeing this? The option to use Touch ID in the App Store is on. I have already tried turning it off and on again to re-enter my password."

Its like repeating the the past as previously, Apple jammed the Touch ID and Wi-Fi on its iOS 8.0.1 release and fixed the issue in a matter of time with another update iOS 8.0.2. It seems likely that Apple will do the same with this issue as well. Apple will release 8.3.1 as soon as they can to fix the issue. There is still no news of Apple regarding the matter which we deem to hear soon. That's all for now everyone, make sure you keep yourself updated on this so the effected users might get back to track.