Faction Based Survival RPG Rend Available Now on Steam Early Access

Rend, the faction based survival roleplaying game developed by Californian team Frostkeep Studios, is out now on Steam Early Access (priced at $29.99 for the time being).

Jeremy Wood, co-founder and CEO of Frostkeep Studios, said:

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Since we first announced Rend, we have been developing it side by side with our players through Pre-Alpha and Alpha testing and by gathering feedback through Discord and our official channels. Our goal has always been to transform the way players interact and participate in survival games while delivering on the fantasy that they have come to expect from this genre.

We have created a unique space that doesn’t feel like any other game in the survival genre and while this marks a significant milestone for our studio, we’re only just getting started.

Mat Milizia, co-founder and creative director of Frostkeep Studios, added:

We’re making Rend for the players, not for us. We’re excited to see how the community will continue to make an impact on the game’s development during the Early Access period.

Frostkeep Studios estimates tthat Rend should be fully launched in the next six to twelve months. They've also detailed what's in the game already and what they plan to add during the Early Access period.

The following features are in the game today:

  • Base building: defensive structures, crafting stations, decor, and more
  • Shooter combat: compelling third-person shooter gameplay with a large variety of weapons
  • Crafting and research: craft hundreds of items and research new technologies to increase your capabilities
  • Skill system: a broad set of skills that level up and reward players for most activities in the game
  • Talents: customize your character with four unique talent trees as you level up
  • Mounts: venture into the spirit realm to capture mountable companions
  • Artifact weapons: find and collect ultra-powerful artifact weapons to dominate your enemies
  • Base raiding: invade enemy factions' bases to steal resources and ultimately wipe them out
  • AI invasions: defend your base against hordes of AI attackers
  • Win or lose: full support for your faction to win or lose on your chosen server
  • Custom servers: run your own server and customize its ruleset to your liking
  • Survival mechanics: resource harvesting, environmental danger, hunger and thirst

We currently have plans to add the following during the Early Access period:

  • New creatures
  • New weapons
  • More artifact weapons
  • Armor dyeing
  • Weapon modifications
  • More base building pieces
  • More siege weapons
  • More cosmetic customization options

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