V Rising Has Over 2.5 Million Players; Devs Push First Content Patch to 2023

V Rising

Yesterday, Tencent-owned Swedish studio Stunlock announced that V Rising registered over 2.5 million players to date. At the same time, the developers confirmed a delay for the first content patch, now scheduled to launch next year.

The good news is that the patch will be big. Stunlock provided plenty of details on what will be added and improved to the game ahead of the full release.

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  • One feature that we’re exploring is adding multiple floors (two or more!) to the castle. Castle servants is another popular feature we wish to explore further.
  • We heard you desire new lands to explore, and we’re excited to bring more of Vardoran to you. There’s a brand new biome in the works that holds many secrets, mired in mystery and fresh, unique experiences. It’s important to us that every region offers something new in terms of visuals, sound, and gameplay. There will be more enemies to fight, bosses to defeat, and V Blood to drink in to fuel your hunt.
  • Our teams have been looking at different ways to diversify and fill out our old V Rising areas with more engaging content, making them richer and more satisfying to explore. Points of interest and reasons to go out into the world will encourage more player interactions as well as liven the experience of play as a whole. Richer, vivid scenery adds diversity and character, further solidifying the mood and feel of each zone to be a unique experience from one another and also giving us room to seed in information about Vardoran and the cultures and history of the world to impart onto you. Expect new encounters, new discoveries, and new items to utilize!
  • A common request is new weapons and abilities, and this is something we started working on and plan to deliver. Our V Rising game director, Peter, already spoiled one of the upcoming weapons during an interview on the Allcraft show with Asmongold: The Greatsword. It’s coming! Expect that, along with additional weapons and abilities, to add more depth and diversity to the battlefield. Another feature we will be experimenting with is adding a new layer of itemization. These new drops to hunt would let you modify your gear to augment and further customize your abilities.
  • We’ve been brainstorming and started developing all sorts of different ideas to populate the world of V Rising with not only more kinds of enemies but more interesting ones. Adding variety to the enemy types means bringing new mechanics that change not only the way you play the game but also the feel of earlier zones as you have to account for new and very different threats. 
  • We’ve also heard you and know that certain parts of the game need improvements in pacing and rebalancing in things like repair costs and build costs. There’s lots of room to iterate on the game in that aspect, and we think giving attention to this will make the current endgame gameplay loop more satisfying and robust.
  • With time we wish to tackle the raiding system, and we feel there are many ways to improve and flesh it out into something more robust and satisfying. We want this to be something that keeps all of you competitive players busy and excited in the late-game stages. We’re also looking into what a Castle Territory means for the player in V Rising and planning to solve exploits that can improve the PvP experience, as well as eliminate some methods of PvE griefing.
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