Eve Spectrum Displays Are Getting HDMI 2.1, Though One Is Delayed to Q1 2021

Eve Spectrum

We've got some updates to share on the crowdsourced Eve Spectrum displays that we reported on in the past months.

First, the good news - the 4K@144Hz and QHD@240Hz Eve Spectrum displays will be certified for HDMI 2.1 support, making them a great match for next-generation consoles and PC graphics cards.

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Additionally, these two models are becoming bezel-less after losing their bottom bezel (chin bar), which will make them prettier and a better fit for multi-monitor setups.

Now, some bad news. The third model, the one supporting QHD@144Hz, will have to be delayed to Q1 2021, while the other two Eve Spectrum displays remain scheduled for release in Q4 2020. Here's the explanation provided by Eve Distribution:

Due to COVID-19, our panel supplier LG Display and manufacturer Lehui have fewer engineering resources to support our project than previously anticipated. They have requested that we prioritize the models in order of total sales volume so far. The most popular model has been 4k 144Hz, followed by a 240Hz QHD model. The QHD 144Hz model currently has the fewest orders (under 1/5th of total sales) and we can't convince the manufacturer to ship it first. As a result, we have to adjust the order in which Spectrum models will be shipped.

Customers who were planning to get the QHD@144Hz Eve Spectrum model can either wait for it, upgrade for another more readily available model, or just request a refund which should be processed 'immediately'.

Lastly, Eve Distribution provided an update on pricing. This goes up slowly but constantly as the shipment date gets closer; that's because production capacity is limited. As of now, these are the latest prices available in the store.

  • IPS QHD, 144Hz, 1ms, HDR 400 ( 450 nits peak brightness) $ 389/ 389 €
  • IPS QHD, 240Hz, 1ms, HDR 600 ( 750 nits peak brightness) $ 529/ 529 €
  • IPS 4K, 144Hz, 1ms, HDR 600 ( 750 nits peak brightness) $ 629/ 629 €
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