Essential Starts a Hiring Spree for Engineers and Designers; Does This Hint Toward a New PH-2 Device?

Omar Sohail
Essential PH-2 Could Be Incoming as Company Commences Hiring Spree

Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s company Essential has confirmed that a new mobile device is in the works. Reports suggest that this will be a Snapdragon 730-fueled phone running Google’s latest and greatest Android 10. It’s not known if it’s the same as the AI-fueled device the company is reportedly working on. What’s apparent though is the fact that the company is planning several products and to help with that, it’s expanding its workforce.

Essential Hasn’t Specified Which Product It’s Working on, but Latest Positions Hint Towards Hiring Talent to Optimize Software-Related Tasks

The company recently tweeted that it’s looking for engineers and designers in India. These new hires will be based in the manufacturer’s Bangalore office and work closely with the team in the Palo Alto HQ on new gadgets and platforms.

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Essential is primarily looking for people who can work on Android and Cloud technology. They will work on backend services, user interfaces, as well as applications. If you recall, the company’s upcoming phone is rumored to come without Google services, which makes us wonder if this new hiring spree has to do something with creating alternatives. Why Essential would want to do that remains a mystery.

“It's an exciting time to join our team in India. You'll work closely with HQ in Palo Alto to build, design, and power future products and platforms that will connect people daily.”

Currently, there are nine full-time vacant positions, including CloudOps Engineer, interaction Designer, Linux Engineer, and Software Engineer for Android Framework, Applications, and Back-End. Outside of India, the company is also looking for camera hardware engineers, computational imaging lead, and image processing engineers, which more hints towards a mobile device.

At the expense of reading too much into the job postings, we think the company is interested in improving its camera system. After all, the photography chops of the Essential Phone were nothing to write home about when it initially launched and the company surely needs to up its game to compete with other smartphones in a specific pricing category.

While we can expect the company to release a phone down the line, we still believe it’s being really quiet and rumor mills have nothing to say either. Thus, we will have to wait and see what exactly the company is working on. Do you think the Essential PH-2 could launch down the line? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Essential

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