Fix iPhone 5s Touch ID Problems on iOS 7.1 – How to

As we already reported that the long-awaited iOS 7.1 update couldn't fix the iPhone 5s touch ID issues; however, it did manage to create some more major problems. User reports have been pouring in complaining about troubles using Touch ID. fix touch ID iphone 5s ios 7.1

If you too are suffering from iPhone 5s recognition issues, here is how to fix iOS 7.1 Touch ID problems on your iPhone 5s. While this may seem trivial to some, quite a few users have reported that iPhone Touch ID has simply stopped recognizing the finger prints. We hope that you find the tutorial below helpful to fix Touch ID iOS 7.1 issues.

How to fix Touch ID iOS 7.1 issues:

Fix 1:

  1. Delete all the prints that you have saved on your iPhone 5s: Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and enter your passcode. Tap on a print to delete it.
  2. Go to Add a Fingerprint and add a new print to the iPhone 5s.

Fix 2:

  1. If the above steps did not fix iOS 7.1 touch ID issues, try to restore your iPhone 5s from a previous backup. Use any backup from your computer or iCloud. Connect your iOS 7.1 device to your computer and select the device within iTunes. Go to Restore iPhone > Restore and Update.
  2. Once restored, deleted the old prints and enter new ones like detailed in the Fix 1. 

If this also doesn't work for you, there is no option but to wait for iOS 7.1.1 to fix Touch ID issues in iOS 7.1 or visit any Apple store to get it fixed. Remember, these above methods have worked for some users; however, as mentioned in our previous posts, many users are reporting that even these fixes aren't able to fix iOS 7.1 touch ID issue being suffered from after iOS 7.1 update.

These users have also reported that rebooting iPhone 5s or disabling / re-enabling Touch ID isn’t fixing the issue as well. According to reports, things get even weirder when iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor just stops detecting their finger. Although, the most plausible fix could be to reset the Touch ID; however fingerprint recognition doesn’t seem to work during the new setup process as well.

We wish you good luck!

Source: Apple Forums

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