EK Releases Another Monoblock, An MSI X399 Waterblock For Premium Threadripper Liquid Cooling

Alex Stevens

One of the leading brands in PC custom liquid cooling, EK waterblocks, will be releasing its all in one (CPU and Motherboard VRM) liquid cooling solution for MSI X399 motherboards. We reported on the Gigabyte version the other day. The MSI X399 Monoblock for Threadripper is more of the same. This time it includes a 4pin RGB LED strip that is integrated to allow it to be compatible with MSI® Mystic Light, thus offering a full lighting customization experience, or you know make it look like an Eastern European nightclub.

EK Releases Another Monoblock An MSI X399 Waterblock For Premium Threadripper Liquid Cooling

For those looking for an MSI X399 Waterblock the monoblock will work for two current MSI motherboards.

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As with the Gigabyte boards, EK designed and engineered this monoblock with the help of MSI. It uses a completely new cooling engine that allows excellent CPU Cooling performance. The waterblock directly cools AMD Threadripper CPUs on the TR4 socket, as well as the VRM or power delivery. Liquid flows directly over all critical areas, providing the enthusiasts with a great solution for high and stable overclocks. The additional included passive heatsink is used for the VRM and network chip components placed between the I/O shield and the memory DIMM slots.

This custom designed waterblock for the MSI X399 also features a redesigned cold plate with a fin area that covers most of the IHS surface. It also guarantees that the monoblock covers the entire Ryzen Threadripper CPU's IHS promoting better thermal transfer.

The base of the monoblock is made of nickel-plated electrolytic copper while the top is made of quality acrylic glass material. The main nickel plated mounting screws and brass screw-in standoffs come pre-installed ensuring the installation process is quick and simple.

EK-FB MSI X399 Gaming Waterblock RGB Monoblock is made in Slovenia, and it is available for purchase through the EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network, priced at 125.95€ (incl. VAT). US Price is $139.99

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