3rd & 4th Generation AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs Spotted in the Wild

Two variants of leaks regarding two of AMD's upcoming Ryzen Threadripper CPUs have come to light. The first, a UserBenchmark result spotted by twitter user TUM_APISAK, and second, the addition of AMD 'Vermeer', but more importantly, the addition of AMD 'Genesis' to the AIDA64 database.

Castle Peak - Ryzen Threadripper 3000 Spotted Within UserBenchmark Database

Ryzen Threadripper/EPYC

The UserBenchmark result in question sheds light onto an upcoming 16-core, 32-thread engineering sample, appearing to be a codename 'Castle Peak' part. The chip is running at a base clock of 3.6 GHz along with a boost clock of 4.0 GHz. When compared against the Ryzen Threadripper 2950X, the Castle Peak engineering sample has a 100 MHz higher base clock, but a 400 MHz lower boost clock. Keep in mind that this is an engineering sample, and the final clock speeds may improve.

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When compared to the Ryzen Threadripper 2950X, the new Castle Peak engineering results in an overall performance uplift of 11%. In the single-core and quad-core fields, the Castle Peak engineering sample is 11% faster than the Ryzen Threadripper 2950X, and 18% faster when comparing multi-core performance. The Castle Peak engineering sample performs on par with the Ryzen 9 3900X and leads by 35% in multi-core performance.

Similar to existing Ryzen 3000 AM4 parts, Ryzen Threadripper 3000 will be built on the 7nm FinFET process by TSMC and will bring new features to AMD's HEDT platform such as PCIe 4.0. Whether or not AMD plans on releasing a successor to X399 is unknown, but if so, we could see the price of motherboards being quite high. The requirements for PCIe 4.0 capability are quite extensive and calls for some extremely complicated motherboard designs. Even without a new chipset, Ryzen Threadripper 3000 series CPUs will likely bring 60 PCIe 4.0 lanes, an upgrade over its predecessor's 60 PCIe 3.0 lanes.

X399 Platform Diagram

Both 3rd Generation Threadripper HEDT CPUs and Rome server CPUs utilize a new centralized I/O die that communicates directly with the surrounding chiplets. This centralized I/O die creates the ability to lower latency between chiplets, therefore fixing the issue of die-to-die latency with the Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX and 2990WX, with equivalent latency between chiplets.

2990WX Infinity Fabric Layout

3rd Generation Ryzen Threadripper could have core counts skyrocket to as high as 64 cores. Current X399 motherboards already come close to the limit when attempting to sustain the 32-core Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX beast, so a 64-core 3rd Generation Threadripper may become the new beast to tame, especially when overclocking. Expect some advanced VRM designs with many voltage phases.

Zen 3 - Vermeer & Genesis - 4th Generation Ryzen Threadripper

AMD Ryzen Threadripper

Two codenames have appeared in the AIDA64 database:

  • AMD Family 19h Models 00h-0h, "Genesis"
  • AMD Family 19h Models 20h-2h, "Vermeer"

AMD Family 19h Models 20h-2h, "Vermeer" refers to Zen 3 in general, similar to how Summit Ridge was the codename for 1st Generation Ryzen and Whitehaven was the codename for 1st Generation Ryzen Threadripper, but the second codename in question, AMD Family 19h Models 00h-0h, "Genesis", could be referring to 4th Generation Ryzen Threadripper.

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Zen 3 is set to bring multiple new features and improvements such as PCIe 5.0, DDR5, and most notably, 4-thread SMT implementation. 4-thread SMT implementation will further increase the multi-thread capability the Zen architecture is known for. As far as PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 implementation goes, this may require a socket change, though considering that these CPUs would be released within the 2020 - 2021 timeframe, AMD would have successfully preserved the lifetime of AM4 as was originally claimed.

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