EIZO Announces The FlexScan EV3895: A 37.5″ UltraWide QHD+ Curved Monitor

Evan Federowicz
Source: EIZO

EIZO announces the FlexScan EV3895 Curved Monitor, which features not only a 37.5" screen size and a UWQHD+ resolution, which is triple the pixels compared to Full HD. This larger curved screen is a perfect choice for office work due to the larger screen space and the various Picture-by-Picture layouts. The screen's curvature allows all edges of the screen to be at a comfortable distance, improve visibility, focus, and immersion for work-related tasks. Still, the 60 Hz will make most high-action gamers want to avoid this monitor.

EIZO introduces the FlexScan EV3895 Curved Monitor featuring a variety of Picture-by-Picture layouts and a 60 Hz refresh rate

The Flexscan EV3895 Curved Monitor features a 24:10 aspect ratio, which has nearly triple the pixels when comparing the standard 1080, or Full HD monitors, commonly found in office buildings.

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Source: EIZO

The Flexscan EV3895 monitor features a curvature which keeps the distance from the screen to your eyes equal regardless of the section of the screen the user is currently looking at. This curvature to the screen allows users to have a more comfortable and immersive viewing experience than a flat panel monitor.

This monitor features a USB Type-C port, a DisplayPort, and two HDMI ports, which allows for a wide range of connectivity. All of these video inputs have a maximum refresh rate for just over 60 Hz meaning high-action games, who may like to play Racing simulators or FPS shooters, may want to avoid this monitor.

The larger screen space and the IPS panel technology makes this perfect for any content consumer or video editor that has a second computer do the rendering for them. Multi-computer video editors should look into this monitor due to the Picture-by-Picture features, which offer the ability to have three separate computers displayed at once with ease.

The Picture-by-Picture features a varying layout rather than the standard splits; this allows this monitor to be used in various applications with ease. The Included USB hub, where users can connect their Keyboard and mouse, also features a KVM switch allowing for easy switching between the different computers using a single keyboard and mouse. The frameless design makes this monitor perfect for multimonitor setups due to the overall lack of a border.

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