MSI Announces the PRO MP242 Monitor Series: Three Different FHD Models

Evan Federowicz
Source: MSI

MSI has announced the PRO MP242 monitor series features three different models: the PRO MP242, the PRO MP242V, and the PRO MP242P monitors. These monitors offer similar screen specifications while having a different stand for the PRO MP242P monitor. All of these monitors feature a 23.8" screen size with an FHD resolution. MSI has yet to release any pricing for these monitors.

MSI Introduces the PRO MP242 monitor series, offering three different models all having an FHD resolution and two video inputs

The PRO MP242, PRO MP242V, and the PRO MP242P monitors all utilize a similar display. This display offers a 23.8" screen size and a 1,920 x 1,080 screen resolution. All of these monitors utilize the same inputs; the video inputs include HDMI and D-Sub. These two video inputs allow for dual sources to be supported, offering flexibility for users who may utilize two computers or a computer and a console. For the PRO MP242 and the PRO MP242V monitors, the HDMI inputs offer a refresh rate of 75 Hz, while the D-Sub port offers a 60 Hz refresh rate. The slightly higher refresh rate is perfect for content consumption as the 75 Hz refresh rate will offer a smoother display compared to the 60 Hz refresh rate.

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Source: MSI

The main difference between the PRO MP242, the PRO MP242V, and the PRO MP242P is the stand included with these monitors. The PRO MP242 and the PRO MP242V monitors come with the same stand offering tilt adjustment from -3° up to 21°. In contrast to the Pro MP242P monitors, this monitors features a different, much more adjustable, stand. This stand offers height adjustment, Pivot, Swivel, and Tilt adjustments. The included stand features a 120 mm height adjustment, swivel adjustment from -30° up to 30°.

Source: MSI

The included stand for the PRO MP242V offers easy pivot adjustment from -90° up to 90°; this allows the monitor to comfortably sit in portrait mode with the thicker bevel on either side. This makes the PRO MP242V monitor perfect as a secondary monitor for a streamer or a professional coder who needs the largest amount of reading space possible.

MSI has yet to announce when these monitors will be available or the pricing for any of these monitors.

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