Google Photos Finally Supports The Slideshow Option


We all know how implausible and amazingly organized Google Photos feature is, which truly makes the best use of advanced machinery learning as well as neural networks to make it easier for you to search photos from the automatically organized pictures into separate albums. This also enables your photos library to turn into a well-shaped and managed and easily search-able database which could not have been possible, had there been no such feature introduced by Google a few years back.

Google Photos finally gets a feature it previously lacked

Although Google photos have been incredible in giving a managed library feature till date but still it lacked one of the most important rather basic feature that is a must for such an app i.e. supporting slideshows, which now finally is a part of it. You can simply now open up a photo you like to and by selecting the slideshow option from the drop down menu you can let it go in a flow. The option will be made available for Google Photos in the latest update.


Google say: “You like crowding friends and family around your computer or TV to show them photos of last weekend’s adventure. You don’t like clicking 132 times to show them each photo.”

Google Photos SLide Show

The new slideshow feature as it suggests let you go through the pictures in any album in your library automatically once you play it. The slideshow will change the picture every five seconds in a rather seamless way with a smooth transition to avoid any haphazard changing patterns to provide a perfect experience to the users. Also there’s a pause button which you can use to stop on any picture during the slide show if you want to look at a particular photo for a bit longer than five seconds. This allows a more advanced rather a hands free way of going through your memories. However it's available for web and Android users only for now and there’s absolutely no update for iOS users as of yet.