DVT Unit Image of Upcoming Redesigned MacBook Pro Reveals M1X Chip, 16GB Unified RAM Specs


With mass production already started, the M1X MacBook Pro will reportedly launch later this month. More evidence that these redesigned machines will see an unveiling soon comes in the form of an image revealing the specifications of a DVT (design validation test) test unit, showing that the portable Mac will be running Apple’s powerful M1X, among other additions.

DVT M1X MacBook Pro Unit Also Running 512GB of Onboard Storage, According to Image, but It Is Not Confirmed if This Is the Base Model

According to Twitter user Majin Bu, who credits @unc0vrd for providing him with this valuable information, the potential specifications of the M1X MacBook Pro have been revealed through an image. The first thing you will notice is that Apple will be referring to the successor to the M1 as the M1X and not the M2. In fact, according to previously published information, the M2 will be reserved for the 2022 MacBook Air, which is said to arrive with a fresh design and different ports.

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The image also shows 16GB of unified RAM, and while we hope Apple offers this much with the base model of the M1X MacBook Pro, the tipster does not reveal any information regarding this decision. Additionally, the storage is a 512GB NVMe SSD, which again, is unconfirmed if it will be offered by Apple with the base version. However, since the redesigned MacBook Pro models are said to tackle the more demanding tasks faster, having 16GB of unified RAM, and 512GB of storage with the base variant would be an excellent deal.

Unfortunately, just like the previous portable Macs that Apple has launched, do not expect both components to be upgradable. After Apple officially launches the M1X MacBook Pro family, you will have plenty of options when configuring the specs on the company’s website, but you will have to make those decisions there and then while looking at your budget.

Since these Macs are expected to feature a new design, followed by a slew of different ports, and a mini-LED panel, we do not expect both the 14-inch and 16-inch models to come cheap. What do you think of these specifications? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Majin Bu