Download SuperSU for Android N Preview and CF-Auto-Root Test Versions


Chainfire has released an updated SuperSU test build for the newly released Android N developer preview. The tool is now available to download.

supersu for android n

Download SuperSU for Android N

Like Google, Chainfire took everyone by surprise too when it released an updated version of SuperSU for the first developer preview of Android N. While SuperSU for Android N is available to download, Chainfire has said that it will not be merging the code with the SuperSU beta branch yet as it's very early in the testing phase.

With the first few releases I'm not merging it directly with the BETA branch, as there have been some invasive changes under the hood regarding SELinux handling, and there should be a little bit more testing done before going there. Still, I expect this to be done within the next week or two.

"There have been some invasive changes under the hood," Chainfire has reported. This means that unless you aren't comfortable with taking the risks and reflashing a factory image if things don't work out, don't try out the tool just yet. As CF itself says, "wait for others to play the guinea pig" for you and find out any bugs in this early test release. CF has provided test versions of CF-Auto-Root for all the Nexus devices for users to test out as TWRP isn't yet working consistently across all the N Preview devices.

You can read more details and expected bugs on the XDA thread. So far, CF has confirmed the successful testing on Nexus 5X and another user has reported it working fine on a Nexus 6P. Let us know if you give SuperSU for Android N a try and if it works perfectly on your Nexus device.

Download: SuperSU for Android N from here
Download: CF-Auto-Root for all Nexus running the Android N preview from here

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