What’s New in Android N – Latest Video Outlines All the Major New Features

Rafia Shaikh

Google surprised everyone with an early release of the first developer preview of Android N earlier this week. Android N's first ever release has brought in several new features and improvements to the operating system. While we have talked a lot about some specific features, Google has done a pretty handy "What's New in Android N" video which gives you a quick Android N roundup, covering all the major new features and changes that the latest version of Android has brought in.

android n roundup

Android N roundup, from Google itself:

Google's Android operating system receives a new upgrade every year. The annual cycle of these updates starts every year at Google's I/O event. The Google I/O Developer Conference starts on May 18 this year, however, the company brought in the first preview of the Android N way earlier than they were expected. Google has already shared the new timeline that the operating system will follow with a few developer previews coming in before the new version of the OS launches later in fall this year.

Not only did Google release Android N Developer Preview earlier than it does normally, the tech giant also launched the Android Beta Program site that brings the testing previews as OTA updates to those who enroll in the program. Big changes are happening in the Google quarters - that is certain. But are there big changes happening for Android itself? To help you see all the new major features and improvements that Android N brings in, Google has released a small video summarizing all the important details.

Here's "What's new in Android N" from Google itself.

Designed specifically for developers, the Android N roundup video is up on the Google Developers YouTube channel. But, even for the non developers, the video gives an easy and quick roundup of all things Android N. There are obviously some bits only for developers, including details on app permissions for storage access, Project Svelte and others. But, the video also focuses a lot on the new features: split-screen multitasking, new and improved Doze mode, picture-in-picture for Android TV, redesigned notifications, and several other features.

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