DON’T NOD Will Release Eight Games in the Next Three Years

Alessio Palumbo

Paris-based game developer DON'T NOD published its half-year results for 2022 yesterday, providing an interesting outlook on the game roadmap for the next three years. DON'T NOD has shared its highly ambitious plan to release eight games between 2023 and 2025.

In the second half of 2022, DON'T NOD will continue to develop its rich pipeline of eight original creations, including five self-published games, one co-production with FOCUS Entertainment and two with external studios Tolima and Tiny Bull, to be published by DON'T NOD. All of these games are scheduled for release between 2023 and 2025.

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Meanwhile, DON'T NOD will pursue its development strategy aimed at:

  • developing co-production in segments with strong sales potential;
  • strengthening partnerships through co-financing and minimum guarantee arrangements in order to secure royalties;
  • increasing accessibility by diversifying gameplay mechanics of projects under development.

Following two years of capital expenditure and structuring, the coming years will mark a turning point for the Group with the release of eight self-published or co-produced games.

DON'T NOD is mostly known to the public for Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2, even though they also released other interesting games like Remember Me, Vampyr, Tell Me Why, and Twin Mirror. The latter of these games was also the first self-published title as part of the new self-publishing strategy that was fueled by Tencent's investment in the company. This year, DON'T NOD also published its first game, the adventure game Gerda: A Flame in Winter by indie studio PortaPlay.

The aforementioned co-production with FOCUS Entertainment is almost certainly Vampyr 2, given that the two companies have previously confirmed they would renew the partnership after the financial success of the first installment. As for the other games, they are likely to be original IPs, as that would make the most sense for DON'T NOD at this point.

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