Disney Is Closing Off Fogbank Entertainment, Laying Off 60 Developers


We've recently reported on the deal between Disney and Scopely, with the latter purchasing FoxNext Games (including Cold Iron Studios) for an undisclosed amount.

San Francisco based studio Fogbank Entertainment wasn't part of the deal and, until now, its fate remained unclear. However, GamesBeat reported on Friday that Fogbank Entertainment is being shut down by Disney and its 60ish developers are being laid off as a result; they should be getting some kind of severance, at least.

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The news is indirectly confirmed by a blog post that appeared yesterday on the official website of Storyscape, the mobile game released by Fogbank Entertainment in October 2019 on Google Play and the App Store.

Dear Player,

We are sad to announce that Storyscape will permanently shut down on February 3, 2020. As part of the shutting down process, beginning today (January 25, 2020), you will no longer be able to make in-game purchases. We hope that you have enjoyed Storyscape and we thank you for your passion for our characters, shows, and team.

- The Fogbank Team

According to Sensor Tower, the game registered about 1.7 million downloads since then. Storyscape featured several 'interactive shows' where players were allowed to alter the course of the stories with their choices. The shows included some based on big Fox IPs such as Titanic and The X-Files as well as some brand new ones such as Life 2.0, Eternal City and Edge of Extinction.

The latter story had been penned by Drew Karpyshyn, the acclaimed writer behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the first two Mass Effect games, who joined Fogbank Entertainment after leaving BioWare in March 2018. He had followed Daniel Erikson, who was at BioWare for seven years as the Lead Designer and Writer on Star Wars: The Old Republic; Erikson held the position of Studio Director at Fogbank, though he left the company a few months ago, just as Storyscape was about to release.

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