[Updated: Patch Available Now] Destiny 2 PC AMD Phenom II Hotfix 1.05.1 Inbound; Removes SSSE3 CPU Requirement


[Update] Destiny 2 PC hotfix is now available for download.  Bungie mentions that players might need to restart their game in order to get the hotfix.

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[Original story] Destiny 2 PC AMD Phenom II hotfix, which will remove the SSSE3 CPU requirement, releases today, Bungie has confirmed.

Bungie announced the deployment of the patch on Twitter some hours ago. “Destiny 2 on PC will receive Hotfix tomorrow (10/30) at 10 AM PDT to remove the SSSE3 processor requirement”, the developer tweeted.

Players will be returned to the login screen after completing their current activity once the patch is made available, and a restart of the game might be required to fully apply the hotfix.

Destiny 2 players running the game on an AMD Phenom II CPU have been reporting major crashing issues. According to Bungie, this issue was related to the Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSSE3) instruction set, which the AMD Phenom II CPU doesn’t support. “We’ve seen a number of reports of crashes on CPUs that fall below our stated minimum specs (E.G. AMD Phenom II series)”, Bungie wrote last week. “We are investigating the issue and will attempt to fix the crash, but these CPUs are below minimum spec and are not officially supported.”

Hopefully, AMD Phenom II players will be able to fully enjoy Destiny 2 as soon as the hotfix drops today.

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