Demon’s Souls Remake PlayStation 4 Database Entry Is Four Years Old, According to Known Dataminer


The recently discovered Demon’s Souls remake PlayStation 4 database entry is four years old and it probably doesn't suggest a previous-gen release of the game developed by Bluepoint Games.

Speaking on Twitter, well-known dataminer Lance McDonald commented on the database entry, revealing that it is 4 years old.

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The database entry is over 4 years old and whoever scraped it managed to somehow do it without obtaining even a single piece of metadata to verify any aspect of it, so I don't think it's worth even acknowledging personally.

Additionally, it seems like this Demon’s Souls database entry is not related to the remake by Bluepoint at all, as Lance McDonald thinks it is a PS Now database entry for the internal port of the PlayStation 3 version of Demon’s Souls that was used for testing purposes.

It's very likely a PS Now entry for the internal port of Demon's Souls PS3 for PS4 that was created during the early stages of remake for the purpose of remote QA. Sony often do this. These builds are never intended for release.

At this point, it seems like the only way to play the Demon’s Souls remake is by getting the game on PlayStation 5. While it hasn't changed a whole lot in terms of gameplay, the remake is an excellent visual reimagining of the now-classic action RPG developed by From Software.

The most underappreciated Souls game is ready to take its place atop the pantheon. Demon’s Souls has always been one of From Software’s most intricate, atmospheric, and satisfyingly-challenging games and Bluepoint’s technically-impeccable remake elevates it to a new level with beautiful, fluid visuals and an assortment of smart gameplay tweaks. All From Software fans need this game, and even those who have struggled with their games should consider giving it a try. Once you start playing Demon’s Souls you’ll be hard-pressed to exorcise the game from your PS5.

Demon’s Souls is now available on PlayStation 5 worldwide.