Demon’s Souls Looks Fantastic With Boletaria Reborn Lighting Overhaul

Francesco De Meo
Demon's Souls

A new Demon's Souls mod has been released recently which overhauls the game's lighting system and makes it look so much better.

The new mod is called the Boletaria Reborn mod. It completely changes the game's lighting system, making colors emerge more vividly and improving the atmosphere considerably.

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A complete lighting overhaul for Demon's Souls.

Compatibility: Modifies "drawparam" and is not compatible with other mods that modifies "drawparam", like graphics packs. All of my graphics packs already include the Lens Flare fix and disabled Depth of Field.


-RPCS3 emulator for PC or a CFW(custom firmware) PS3(not tested yet but should also work)
-Either a backup of the disc version of the game for the RPCS3 emulator(if playing on PC) or a backup of the game copied to the hard drive on a CFW PS3(if playing on  a actual PS3)


1- Go to your Demon's Souls backup folder and create a backup of the "param" folder
2- Download the file and extract the "param" folder from the mod and place it in your Demon's Souls folder where the original "param" folder was, it should ask you to overwrite, say yes
3- Go to Dev_HDD1 on your RPCS3 folder and delete your cache folder if playing on the emulator

You can download the Boletaria Reborn mod by heading over to Nexus Mods.

Demon's Souls is now available on PlayStation 3. The game is now fully playable on PC thanks to the RPCS3 emulator.

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