Cyte Jailbreak Tweak Manages And Cleans Cydia Package Descriptions


There are tweaks that are developed to enhance functionality or visuals that either aid in productivity or creativity. On the other hand there are tweaks that put their focus on improving other tweaks. Such type of tweaks enhances distribution and quality. Cydia is a great source for installing tweaks and packages designed for various purposes. However, you might have also noticed that the description to those tweaks and packages is mixed and sometimes gives an unclean feel.

In consideration to this, the well known and well regarded developer Majid Alfhaily is working on a tweak that cleans the package description in a neat and organized way. This makes description on tweaks and packages to look more appealing, well arranged and gives a good feel. It basically enhances the quality on Cydia. For now, the tweak is in the beta phase and users can download it by adding a source to Cydia which we will tell you guys later in the post.

Cyte Removes Ads From Repos, A Good Sign or A Bad?

Cyte can be regarded as a huge step after Cydia moved forward to the substrate extensions. Presently, this little tweak cleans up the description of packages on Cydia but overall this tweak has a lot of potential when we talk about package depictions. This can lead to a much greater experience for jailbreak users. The tweak needs time to complete but if you must try it, you can add this repo to your Cydia source:

If you already have this tweak installed, you can see the difference in terms of previous description of tweaks and the one after installing Cyte. The text in the description is arranged in a neat style as you can see in the screenshots provided.

You might as well know that currently Cyte only offers  functionality on the BigBoss repo. While comparing the screenshots, you can also see a tiny message citing ''powered by Cyte'' at the bottom of the package description. The fact that its attractive or not is a question on its own which depends upon individuals.

There is a slightly new addition of a tool or something that removes ads from the repos. This is a question that may have dual views and opinions as these ads are the source of motivation for repos for what they do. However, it's not the final version of Cyte, maybe Majid can remove it with a census or maybe not. The ad scenario solely depends upon the reaction of various parties whether to enable it or disable it. More on this will be updated later as the news arrives. For now, try this cool tweak and let us know if you liked it.