Get A Hold On These 10 Paid iPhone Apps Available For Free Today

Free apps come and go but the mark is to let you guys know when they become free and their availability. Today a list of paid apps went free for a limited time, that means you can grab them free of charge from the App Store. There is no fixed time for these apps to get paid but since they are free, why not give them a try. The time slot can alter an hour later or can last for days, who knows but do take advantage of it.

Get Apps And Games Free For A limited Time

Download these great iOS apps today that have gone free for a short period of time on the App Store. The list constitutes of games, productivity apps and more.

RPG Band Of Monsters:

Since everyone loves playing games, we start our list with RPG Band Of monsters where Zara, a monster tamer gets involved in drastic sequential events after meeting a young girl. The art id to tame the monsters and befriend them. The game hosts more than 170 monsters to be trained and you can also create your own monsters as well. Originally, the game costs $3.99 which is available for free on the App Store.


This game is a little different from others as it boasts smooth physics inside of an anonymous creature. Microtrip is quite challenging as the player is devised to get as deeper as possible. It is free on the App Store, previously priced at $0.99.

Game of Thrones - A Telltale Game Series:

The popular TV show, Game of thrones has a new chapter unlocked. The Episode 4, Sons of Winter is now available which can be downloaded via in-app-purchases. Experience what its like to play Game of Thrones where you either die or win. Normally, the game costs $4.99 but its available for free today.


Wordathon is a classic word search puzzle game where you find as much words as possible. You can choose your own pace to make words so there is  o dependability over the time. The original cost of the game is $3.99 which is now available for free on the App Store.

iOS 8 And Swift Developer Course:

This is a featured deal that brags a 92% price drop. The course is originally available for $998 which went down to $79. Now you are just a few dollars away to make your own personal app of choice.

Downloader For SoundCloud:

If you are a keen music listener on SoundCloud and you want to download the song. you can use Downloader for SoundCloud app. This app will enable you to listen to your favorite tracks even when you are offline. Get the most of it until its free while originally the app is charged at $1.99.

Roku Rocket Video Cast:

Roku Rocket enables you to play any video on the web to your Roku TV. You also have the availability to download your favorite videos and save them for later casting. the app works with Roku LT Player, Roku HD, Roku 2, Roku 3 and the roku Streaming Stick. Get it free now. Originally priced at $0.99.


Never forget your stuff while going out with this cool app. Whether you are going shopping or packing for a journey, the app will even remind you to take your passport to the airport. The app is now free from a $1.99 hook for  limited time.

Filterloop Pro:

This simple app is designed to enhance your images with a professional user interface. The filters are crafted uniquely to improve image quality. you can choose from a list of filters according to your desire.The $0.99 app is now free on the App Store.


This productivity app lets users focus on one task at a time. This will eventually effect productivity considering enhanced efficiency and time management. Download it for free today.


That's it for the free apps today. If you want some change in your iOS experience, do try out these free apps until the date expires. Remember, they are only available for a limited time so make the most of them. We have accumulated all kinds of apps that may either be games, deals or productivity apps. Let us know how you liked these free apps in the comments below.

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