Cydia For iOS 7 Concept Too Has A Flat UI


Apple debuted iOS 7 with a flat UI this year at Worldwide Developers Conference 2013. Now if this firmware is ever jailbroken, Cydia will be installed on it. A new Cydia for iOS 7 concept has been posted online, and it too features the flat UI that defines iOS 7. Apple says that this platform update is the biggest that they have made ever since the first iPhone came out in 2007, and while some have fallen in love with the flat user interface, many believe that the company has strayed away from its own unique design elements. However, that's a big debate, for now we'll just focus on this Cydia for iOS 7 concept.


For clarity's sake let me remind you once again that this is a third-party Cydia for iOS 7 concept. It has not been created or endorsed by Jay Freeman a.k.a Saurik, the developer of Cydia. Though once iOS 7 is jailbroken, we'll definitely be seeing Cydia come with a new user interface. This concept provides us an idea of what that interface might be, and how it would look like carrying the flat UI elements.


Every jailbroken device has Cydia installed, its the GUI front end for installing third party packages that Apple otherwise does not allow on its devices. Jailbreaking opens up a world of customization, from installing themes to making tweaks in the UI, all of it is possible by installing packages through Cydia. Stephen Goodings is the designer who has created this Cydia for iOS 7 concept, and it fits perfectly with the design language of Apple's latest iOS update.

Many of the die-hard jailbreakers, like me for example, don't think that there's actually a need of Cydia to be redesigned. Despite the fact that this concept of Cydia for iOS 7 looks good, it doesn't do anything to improve the functionality. I'm sure many would want Cydia to be updated at the back end, since one doesn't spend that much time gawking at Cydia's design any way. The idea behind this GUI is to use it to search and install packages, once you're done with that, one doesn't even have the need to keep the app open.

The fact remains though, Cydia for iOS 7 will only be available once this firmware has been jailbroken. It might take a lot of time, considering that we reported just yesterday that Pod2g is not interested in an iOS 7 untethered jailbreak. I've already done a detailed post on iOS 7 jailbreak scenario and possibilities, do check it out to get an idea of how long it might take for this firmware to be cracked.