Saurik Has Already Developed A Google Glass Jailbreak


It might be a bit weird for some to read the words Saurik and Google in the same sentence. Saurik, the pseudonym for Jay Freeman, is associated with Cydia Store and iOS jailbreaks. This developer is one of the most iconic iOS hackers of our time, he has made countless contributions to this niche and his next target is Google Glass. At the moment, Google's revolutionary piece of wearable technology is only in the hand of what the company calls 'Explorers.' Jay Freeman is also a Google Glass Explorer, and he has already developed a Google Glass jailbreak.


Don't try to find a factual inaccuracy in the term: Google Glass jailbreak. Technically speaking, a Google device that is based on Android is not jailbroken, it is rooted. However we're going to use this term as sort of a tribute to the work Saurik has done for iOS jailbreak. Speaking with Forbes, he said that it took him two hours to develop this Google Glass jailbreak. He then had root access to the device's software, which is Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is a very interesting development, as having root access on Google Glass means that in the future, users might be able to go around the restrictions that Google will place on it. One such restriction the company has mentioned is that it will pre-screen all apps for Google Glass, its exclusvie to this device only as Android apps are not pre-screened before being listed on Google Play Store.

A hacker called B1nary initially discovered an exploit which is used for gaining root access on this particular Android version. The implementation of B1nary's exploit is for conventional Android smartphones and tablets, Saurik found a way to make it work on his Google Glass Explorer unit. He basically tricked the software on Glass to think that it was an emulation, that it wasn't powering an actual device, he then gained root access. Though it is early to say at this moment whether root access on this device means the software can be modified the way iOS or stock Android is.

The public version of Google Glass might not be similar to the Explorer units Google can make subtle changes to the final hardware and software, meaning that any such software hacks can be plugged from the get go. We'll only know for sure once the units go on sale for public some time next year. It wouldn't suck to be able to perform a Google Glass jailbreak, right?