iOS 7 Notification Center Concept Shows Off Some Amazing Ideas


The iOS notification center debuted with iOS 5, which was the biggest update that Apple's mobile platform ever release. Today an iOS 7 notification center concept has been published online and it really does amaze us. Ever since notification center became a part of iOS, it has more or less remained the same. The ideas presented in this iOS 7 notification center concept are simply amazing apart from being practical and useful.

iOS 7 notification center

BlogB13 is the designer of this iOS 7 notification center concept. He believes that Apple's next major software update will feature the following updates for notification center. While it can't be said for sure what updates Apple tends to make, there's no denying the fact that this concept shows off some pretty useful features.

In this iOS 7 notification center concept, little app icons are displayed inside the notification center, tapping on which would reveal the notifications associated with any of those apps. Users will also have the option to respond to texts or initiate a call back straight from notification center.


Widgets make up an important part of this iOS 7 notification center concept. When Apple initially announced notification center and rolled it out with iOS 5, it only had support for two widgets, Stocks and Weather, both of them developed by Apple. Many incremental updates of iOS 5 were released and even when iOS 6 was released, Apple did not add support for third party widgets in notification center. Though it has been possible to install widgets in notification center through jailbreak, but official support for third party widgets in notification will no doubt be a welcome addition. In this concept the Twitter and Instagram widgets are shown functioning perfectly inside the iOS 7 notification center.


Apple usually announces new software at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference which usually takes place over the Summer. It is expected that this time around Apple will announce iOS 7. What does that new software has in store for us, we can only speculate. Though if some of the features shown in this iOS 7 notification center concept are implemented, rest assured they will be very well received.