Create Apple ID without Credit Card and Enjoy the 12 Days of FREE Gifts – How to

Apple's 12 days of Christmas are going on in full zeal offering a new gift every day. We hope that you got some great tech gadgets as gifts, or else you managed to avail those great deals of Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Boxing Day and all the other sorts of discount days. Thankfully, shopping spree is over! Now it's time to set up your iPad, jailbreak your iPhone and get some free gifts for your iPod Touch or any other iDevice.

Apple requires you to have a credit card for you to create an Apple ID. Some of us don't feel okay with entering important digits on our gadgets - yes, you are not alone. However, you can definitely create an Apple ID without credit card. We will show you in this guide how to do that.

How to create Apple ID without credit card:

You can create Apple ID without credit card on both the Windows and OS X platforms. Download the iTunes store app on your computer. Here is how to create Apple ID without credit card in the iTunes 11:

  • Click on iTunes Store on the left side of iTunes window and select your country in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on App Store from the top navigation bar.
  • Download and install any free application before proceeding to the next step. Select any app and click on the Free App underneath; in the pop up window click on Create Apple ID and follow the onscreen instructions.create Apple ID without credit card
  • After agreeing to terms and conditions, click Continue and submit all your data.
  • Enter your name, email ID, password, and answer security questions.
  • Click on the Next button and you will get a payment method. Instead of selecting any payment method, choose Nonecreate Apple ID without credit card
  • Fill the next information with your address etc and you will get a Verify your Account screen.
  • Check your email ID for a verification email from iTunes Store.
  • Activate your account and ta da!
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