Surprise Apple Christmas Gift – Download it Today!

Rafia Shaikh

Apple was supposed to send us the first Apple Christmas gift on 26th December, but the company is being Santa rather earlier. Quite unexpectedly, Apple has released its first Christmas gift within the app. These Apple gifts will be available for download for next 24hrs after they are released by Apple.

Apple Christmas gifts - 12 free giveaways:

apple free gifts

The first Apple giveaway is Lorde's single: No Better and music video Royals. This first gift is being termed as a gift to get you started. Considering Apple has released this track before the actual 12 days of gifts, it could be a marketing tactic. Releasing the free track would promote the app and might be available through out the Christmas season. apple Christmas gift 12 days of gifts apple Christmas gift

As reported earlier:

12 Days of Gifts is Apple's way of being Santa, offering free digital content from December 26 through January 6. These free gifts can be a free video, a free song, some book, an iOS game, or even any iOS app delivered from the annual 12 Days of Gifts app for iPhone and iPad.

From 26 December – 6 January, you can download a gift each day—songs, apps, books, movies, and more—with the 12 Days of Gifts app. Each day's gift will only be available for 24 hours, so download the free app to make sure you don’t miss out. Please note: Not all content is available in all countries.

In the previous years, Apple gifts from 12 Days of Gifts app have been varied from one country to the other. Games like Broken Sword, Sonic Jump and music from One DirectionKeshaMaroon 5 has been gifted to customers during this Christmas celebration. Popular TV shows like Sherlock and How I Met Your Mother have also been a part of Apple's 12 Days of Gifts.

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