Cougar Case QBX: A good thing in such a small package?


I've used the Cougar QBX as my secondary PC for quite some time now, while not the smallest form factor, the smaller cases like this one require a special power supply, called an SFX power supply, this power supply is smaller than a normal power supply. This case doesn't need a smaller PSU, as it can fit a standard ATX power supply. This case is small enough to fit into any area, behind almost any monitor, on any desk or underneath any desk.

This case is perfect for anyone who has a small desk or wants a specific aesthetic to their workspace

Features of this case:

iBUYPOWER’s Snowblind – A Mid-Tower Case With Transparent LCD Side-Panel For $129 US

  • Mini-ITX Size
    • This case can only handle a Mini-ITX sized motherboard, meaning the motherboard for this case is quite a bit more expensive than the case itself.
  • The case has a "Wing"
    • It has a metal flap that goes over the side where you input the motherboard into this "wing" houses 2 x 2.5inch SSDs or hard drives, along with a fan mounting holes.
    • This allows for you to mount an AIO cooler onto the CPU, which I would strongly suggest you do so, as airflow in this cramped case isn't optimal.

Dis-advantages of the Case:

  1. The size of this case
    1. The Tiny size makes building in this case just a chore at some points like to access the Power button connectors, You would have to remove the hard drive cable, graphics card, the "wing" of the case along with removing the ram.
  2. No real way to shut off the PC
    1. The button on the front of the PC doesn't shut down the power supply just the normal computer operations.
  3. The "Wing" design
    1. The added "Wing" to the case makes adding an AIO cooler a bit tough as most have a cord that is tough to bend, but bending is required to fit inside this case as the width. This makes using an AIO cooler less likely but, with the airflow restriction of this case.

So this case has some major pluses being so small, and affordable, Although 3 major issues for building in the case, although the last disadvantage, might be solvable with a smaller corded AIO like the one reviewed here. The Cougar QBX case is definitely worth a look at if your planning a small form factor build, Right now it costs $60.99 from the website SuperBiiz.