Phantek Evolv Shift: A living room PC case?

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The Phantek Evolv Shift is a Mini-ITX PC case that could easily fit like a piece in your living room and here's why it a very matte black case, so it doesn't draw too much attention to itself, and it is stylish because of the more verticle rather than the horizontal design of the case.

The Phantek Evlov Shift is a PC you could put in your living room and not be embarrassed about it!

So one of the main features of the case is that it is able to be completely broken down, you can take off all the side panes to easily service a certain part for either a replacement or an upgrade. The size of the footprint of this case are as small as 27cm x 17cm, meaning this can easily fit on your desk without your desk feeling cramped in any way.

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Phantek Evolve shiftThis makes one of the main issues of these smaller cases less of an issue, serviceability, in my review of the Cougar QBX, I specified the "wing" feature which made servicing the part a lot harder to do. I also stated how I had to remove 3 - 5 parts just to get access to the pins for the power button and power light.

While most of these smaller cases are usually built with either specifically water-cooling or air-cooling in mind, this lands in the former being specifically designed to be in use with an AIO cooler. This makes the case makers worry less about airflow and more specifically where to put the Radiators and mounts for the fans, making the design team have to do far less work to get this masterpiece of a case.

Water Cooling design

Now since the case has this small of a footprint there are some downsides to it:

  • Mini-ITX Motherboard
    • This means only one PCIe Slot from the motherboard
    • The Price tag for these smaller motherboards is usually very high, compared to an mATX motherboard counterparts.
  • Power Supply size is limited to SFX
    • The size available for the power supply is an SFX only, meaning because of the smaller size the price tag moves up considerably, compared to the standard ATX power supply costs.

Overall, this case looks amazing and if you are trying to make a gaming station in your living room this could be the case to do it, just be aware that you'll most likely end up paying more for some of the components of the computer to accommodate the size of the case. The Phantek Evolv Shift is currently on sale for $109.99 on Amazon, and it worth every penny.

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