Velka 3 – A Mini-ITX SFF PC Case Featuring An Amazing Design


The Velka 3 case is an amazingly small, which is perfect for the space conscience PC gamers out there. This case is so small that it is only 172 mm in length, which makes its overall spacial footprint just 180 centimeters squared, but even with that more modest size, this case can still fit up to 142 mm long graphics card with no issue.

The Velka 3 is a Mini-ITX case that can fit both a Ryzen 9 3900X (with a Mini-ITX motherboard) and a 142 mm long graphics card

Don't let the Velka 3's small size fool you with the right components, and this little case could be a fantastic PC offering support for up to a 37 mm CPU cooler or up to a 57 mm CPU cooler available. This means that this smaller case is compatible with AMD's Wraith Stealth cooler If you are willing only to have one expansion slot.

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Now with the substantially smaller size, some compromises were made, such as needing a Flex ATX (up to 150 mm long) or a picoPSU, meaning overclocking with this chassis seems unlikely at best. With the latest revision, 1.2 adding additional support for HDPLEX and MiniBox power supplies that are passively cooled.

The Design of this case is a sleek singular color, which is either Light Gray, Dark Gray or Black, and offers a lot of grating, which allows for the necessary airflow. This color is painted onto anodized, brushed, and blasted aluminum giving it a unique texture while also allowing it to appear completely smooth.

This minimalist design allows for this case to fit into almost any computer setup with little to no issue, although the downside of this design is the lack of front IO. The only front IO is just the power button, which is located at the bottom of the case. This means that the only way to plug in a USB flash drive would be to plug it directly into the motherboard.

This case is perfect for someone who might not have a lot of room on/underneath their desk for a big tower PC. If you are planning to try and get this case for a Christmas gift, though, I would suggest pre-ordering it soon as possible as per the website as any orders after November 25th is expected to start shipping on December 18th, meaning only eight days before Christmas.