Dune PRO Case – For PC Gamers Who Want Mac’s Style

Evan Federowicz

The Dune Pro case is a PC case that has the new mac pro's style down. The Dune Pro case has many features that would allow you to potentially outclass the upcoming Mac Pro (2019).

The Dune PRO case has the Apple style from the Mac PRO (2019)

The Features of this case include:

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  • CPU
    • Inside the you have a 160mm CPU fan clearance with the potential for up to a 32 core system to be installed, although upgrades in the future are possible. Availability for space a Ryzen Threadripper to an Intel I-9.
  • Motherboard
    • The Dune Pro case fits many motherboards anything from a Mini-ITX, mATX (Micro-ATX), ATX and Extended ATX (E-ATX). This means that almost any size of the case would be able to fit inside this case.
  • Graphics
    • Graphics cards can greater than 380 mm in length, this allows almost any graphics card to fit inside the case comfortability, this ranges from the more High-end graphics card to the Lower-end graphics card.
  • Watercooling
    • This case has the ability to accommodate radiators of many sizes ranging from 120mm, 240mm or a massive 360mm with the fans (although the radiator will need to be mounted in the front of the case)
    • This allows for an entire water-cooling loop to placed inside the case with little to no hassle, meaning overclocking for the CPU of the computer is possible with the additional cooling.
  • Expansion
    • The storage expansion on this case is very good for the cases smaller size, this case has 5 x SSD brackets on the back of the motherboard tray along with 3 X Hard drive cases off to the side of the on the floor the case itself.
    • The back of the case shows a total of 7 X PCI slots, meaning if you have a dual GPU system, you will be able to fit it within this case without an issue.
  • Thermals
    • The thermals on this case's airflow are only available from the front or the back of the case. This means that you would not be able to put anything in front of this case at all or else it would impede airflow and may cause issues with your machine.
    • This case's side panes are made out of straight aluminum, meaning that no airflow is able to get through the side panels or the bottom (Besides the PSU spot which has been specifically machined out to have the airflow holes cut into the aluminum)
  • Sound Dampening Accessory
    • Now besides the amazing design of this case, the front panel comes with another front cover with more of a Dice Y cover. Which makes this case (which already looks like the new Mac PRO) will look even more like the upcoming Mac PRO.

So this case is more for the Apple enthusiast that either can't pay or doesn't want to pay the amazingly high price tag Apple is charging for the New Macro Pro. This case does look amazing and very much like the New Mac PRO's own case. This case (with the Dice Y) costs just the low price of $279 on IndieGoGo.

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