CliffyB: Crossplay Is Dumb; LawBreakers Will Run at 60FPS on PlayStation 4

Alessio Palumbo

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski, also known as CliffyB, is working hard on his next arena first-person shooter (FPS) LawBreakers.

The game is now in closed beta on PC; however, a press release issued today confirmed that LawBraekers will also launch simultaneously on Sony's PlayStation 4 later this year.

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You can find more details below from the press release, but CliffyB just clarified a couple of important tidbits via Twitter: LawBreakers will run at 60FPS on PlayStation 4 and there won't be any crossplay with PC - in fact, he went ahead to call the feature "dumb".

Just yesterday, we covered Gaijin CEO's opinion on crossplay, who stated that it can't be done between two different consoles. The case of LawBreakers is different, though, since there are plenty of titles that successfully implemented PC to PS4 crossplay. This seems to be a design decision probably due to the fact that PC gamers would have a massive advantage given the type of game.

The aforementioned press release also confirmed that LawBreakers will support PlayStation 4 Pro. Given the fact that CliffyB already confirmed 60FPS on the original PlayStation 4, it's likely that the game will get a resolution/graphics bump rather than frame rate. We'll have more information from E3 2017, where developer Boss Key Productions and publisher Nexon will showcase the PS4 version for the first time to the press and public.

LawBreakers will cost $29.99 / £24.99 / €29.99 on both platforms, with no Season Pass planned and all future content updates confirmed to be free. A "robust offering of cosmetics" will be available via a Stash-Box system which sounds a lot like the one we've seen in Overwatch.

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