China Telecom Launches iPhone 6 Pre-Order Page Revealing Details!


While Apple gets ready for launching its next gen iPhone at Flint Center next week, China Telecom is helping Cupertino in creating some more anticipation around the device. China Telecom has launched iPhone 6 pre-order page possibly attempting to gain some more attention and hype around the much-awaited smartphone. China is definitely one of the regions that Apple is most concentrating in considering its population and an inevitable growth in the numbers of any company that plays good in the country. However, that concentration doesn't mean that a company like Apple would share some insider details until the launch day with even its most profitable partners!iPhone 6 pre-order

China Telecom iPhone 6 pre-order details:

China Telecom has used some rendered images of iPhone 6 on its official iPhone 6 pre-order page. These iPhone 6 images look quite similar to to those that have been surfaced over the past many months. iPhone 6 pre-order shows the smartphone in space gray, gold and silver colors and sport a slimmer design in a 4.7-inch body. These details of the larger size and slimmer design can be both from the leaks or from Apple itself.

China Telecom could have cleverly used the fake, rendered smartphone images with credible information to keep the details still shady around the device. No worries though as it's just a few days to Tuesday when official iPhone 6 launch happens! China Telecom also lists some other specifications of the smartphone: 416ppi, A8 processing chip, 2,100 mAh battery, and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. iPhone 6 pre-order

China Mobile had also started accepting pre-orders earlier this week and the bar has already reached to over 33,000 orders. Tech Crunch reports that Chinese carrier had originally used non-blurred version of iPhone on the pre-order page but then replaced it with the current ones possibly indicating an Apple request to the carrier.

We are eagerly waiting for the next-gen iPhone and possibly a smartwatch to be unveiled next week. Are you excited about Tuesday, September 9 too?

Updates from Berlin, IFA:

- Source: Tech Crunch