Apple is Seeding iOS 8.0.1 to Partners – iOS 8 Ready for Public Release

Apple is reportedly all set to seed iOS 8.0.1 to its release partners. While this news may not be of much interest to the end user, having Apple preparing its next iteration of iOS 8 assures that we are going to see iOS 8 getting a public release next week. Apple released its latest iOS 8 at WWDC earlier in the year and since then everyone has been keen to get the very latest OS on iOS devices. iOS 8 has focused entirely on offering new features and is not bringing any major design changes as iOS 7 completely overhauled the mobile OS last year. This year we are going to see some new features and additions in Notification Center widgets, interactive notifications, third-party keyboards, family sharing, and much iOS 8.0.1


iOS 8.0.1:

Apple has been sending out the iOS 8 beta for the past many weeks to developers and has hopefully polished the OS for the general public now. Reassuring reports claim that Apple may release iOS 8 on the same day as is set for iPhone 6 variants, and perhaps iWatch launch too.

The latest report is published by BGR citing unnamed sources. If Apple is preparing the iOS 8.0.1 seed to its release partners, it may well have already sent out the iOS 8 update bringing the update very close to our mobile devices. Here is the report from BGR:

While Apple is in the process of finalizing iOS 8.0 for a release to consumers in the next week or two, we have been told by sources that the company is already preparing to seed a new version of iOS to testing partners. iOS 8.0.1 is currently planned to be seeded shortly and should contain further enhancements to iOS 8.

Apple is all ready to unveil its huge line of products at Flint Center in California this 9th. Tuesday will see possibly two variants of iPhone 6, a new wearable from Cupertino and the iPad Air 2.

Updates from Berlin:

- Source: BGR

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