Captain America and Black Panther WWII Adventure Rumored to be Amy Hennig’s Marvel Project

Captain America Black Panther

What corner of the Marvel universe will Uncharted-creator Amy Hennig be dabbling in? Her new Skydance Media studio is making games set in both the Marvel and Star Wars universes, but neither has been revealed yet. All we really know about the Marvel title is that it will be an “ensemble” adventure, which obviously leaves a lot of possibilities.

Well, here’s one to consider – according to Marvel insider Twitter account MCU Status, Hennig’s new Marvel game will see Captain America and Black Panther teaming up to take on Hydra during WWII.

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Of course, take this with a fairly hefty grain of salt. MCU Status has a mixed track record, like most insiders, but has delivered some accurate leaks in the past. A Cap-BP team-up would certainly be in Amy’s wheelhouse, with plenty of opportunities for Nathan/Sully-style banter. There’s also precedent for such a story/setting, as the Marvel Comics miniseries Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of our Fathers depicted the two heroes first meeting during WW2.

At first blush, a Cap-BP team-up doesn’t quite jive with the “ensemble” description for Hennig’s Marvel game, but there could also be other characters involved, including Bucky and members of Steve Rogers Howling Commandos squad. There’s also the issue of there being another Black Panther game rumored to be in the works at EA. That said, that hasn’t been confirmed either. And hey, no reason Black Panther can’t be in two games, particularly if they arrive years apart.

Wherever the truth lies, we won’t have to wait long to find out more about Amy Hennig and Skydance Media’s new Marvel game. The adventure is set to be revealed tomorrow (September 9) during a major Disney & Marvel Games Showcase.

What do you think Amy Hennig’s Marvel game will be? Does a Captain America/Black Panther team-up sound promising?

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