Captain America and Black Panther WWII Team-Up from Amy Hennig Confirmed by Teaser Trailer

Captain America Black Panther

We’ve known for a while now that Uncharted creator Amy Hennig was working on a Marvel “ensemble” adventure at her recently-founded Skydance New Media studio, and yesterday rumors began to circulate that the game was in fact a Captain America/Black Panther crossover set during the events of World War II. Well, today at the first-ever Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, the rumors were confirmed, although, oddly, we still don't have an actual name for the game. You can check out the trailer for yourself, below.

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Well, that was certainly mysterious! While I suppose there’s a chance some of what we see in the teaser may be in-engine, it largely looks like concept art stuff to me. While we don’t have an actual title for the game, Marvel and Skydance have provided a brief description for the project, and a rundown of who the four characters at the end of the teaser are…

"Skydance New Media and Marvel Entertainment's upcoming narrative-driven, ensemble adventure game is set in the Marvel Universe and features an original story that will take players on a WWII-era adventure with four playable heroes at different points in the story -- A young Steve Rogers (aka Captain America), Azzuri (T'Challa's grandfather and WWII-era Black Panther), Gabriel Jones (a U.S. soldier and member of the Howling Commandos), and Nanali (leader of the fledgling Wakandan Spy Network). Skydance New Media is helmed by award-winning writing and directory Amy Hennig. This title marks the first initiative from the new AAA game studio."

The wording of the description above seems to indicate this will not be a co-op game, but rather a traditional single-player adventure with players taking turns with different characters at specific points in the story. Those scratches on Captain America's shield also hint pretty strongly that Cap and Black Panther won't necessarily be getting along at first. Oh, and yes, you'll be taking on those dastardly Hydra jerks. Red Skull's gotta be the story's big bad, right?

Following the reveal of the Captain America/Black Panther project, Amy Hennig got on stage at the D23 Expo, to provide a few more details. She's promising Uncharted-style action with cutting-edge cinematic presentation, but a more accessible, approachable style of gameplay.

"If you've played my previous games, you're not going to be far off the mark. As a gamer myself, and a creator, I love playing in the action-adventure space. You're going to be familiar with the DNA, but we're doing some different stuff. The pillars of our project are, as you'd expect, the fact that it's story-driven and character-driven, that it's deeply cinematic and very rich in its cinematic presentation. We're going to do some very cool stuff in that area that I haven't seen before. The visual fidelity is best-in-class.

But maybe what's not so usual, the fourth pillar, is that the game has to be inviting and welcoming to everybody. Why would you put this experiences... we've got this franchise, this IP, that's universally loved, but we're going to put it behind this walled garden, where if you can't hang, you can't get good, it's not for you. We want everybody to feel like they can experience this. The controls are simple, contextual, intuitive, but also deep."

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Platforms or a release window have yet to be confirmed for the Captain America/Black Panther game (not exactly surprising, considering it doesn't have a title yet).

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