Call of Duty Warzone Might Be Modern Warfare’s Teased Battle Royale Mode – Rumor


Call of Duty Warzone might very well be the name for Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale mode that was teased yesterday.

Infinity Ward detailed Modern Warfare’s Season 2 update yesterday and with it came a tease for some sort of Battle Royale mode. In addition, following yesterday’s update, Modern Warfare’s main menu now features a blacked-out “classified” section teasing a new game type.

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On the Modern Warfare Reddit, a user claims to have found an image online. This user claims to have an inside source. Further details are unknown and the user has seemingly deleted the image. Luckily, the internet remembers and Call of Duty news website Charlie Intel managed to grab the image before it was deleted.

call of duty warzone battle royale modern warfare

The art appears to be the key art for Call of Duty Warzone. As can be seen in the image, it features the Modern Warfare Season 2’s Ghost Operator implying the mode is linked to the latest Call of Duty installment.

Whether this image is legit remain to be seen at this point, but according to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, fans will be able to play the mode soon enough. Ahmad retweeted the post from Charlie Intel some hours ago.

As always, we will keep you updated.