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Bungie Showcases Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Dreaming City – “Largest Endgame Experience Ever”


Destiny 2: Forsaken is due to land on September 4th, exactly one year after Destiny 2 launched in 2017. The expansion will deliver massive changes to the online game, including the Dreaming City, the largest endgame experience ever to grace Destiny according to the Bungie.

Below you can find a fresh trailer showcasing the Dreaming City, but that's only part of the changes of the expansion. For instance, earlier this week Bungie hosted a livestream to discuss combat changes in Destiny 2: Forsaken; below is a recap from the fine folks at Reddit.

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• ⁠10 levels of masterworks for weapons (up to 10% boost to a stat)

• ⁠Upgrades cost masterwork core(s), glimmer and legendary shards

• ⁠At tier 7 you get a new column of kill trackers you can switch between


• ⁠All guns have a mod socket now

• ⁠Some mods they showed were:

• ⁠Icarus (increased accuracy in the air)

• ⁠Freehand (better hipfire accuracy)

• ⁠Backup Mag (increased mag size)

• ⁠Target adjuster (better target acquisition)

• ⁠Radar adjuster (immediately get back radar after ADS)

• ⁠Minor Spec (More damage against base enemies)

• ⁠Major Spec (more damage against higher level enemies)

• ⁠Boss spec (more damage against bosses)

• ⁠Counterbalance (reduces recoil)

• ⁠Mods drop on/with weapons

• ⁠Dismantling weapons will give you the mod that was in it for use in another gun

• ⁠No artificial light level mods


• ⁠Showed Box Breathing (increased damage when scoped in) on linear fusion rifles

• ⁠Elemental gun types will be locked to whatever the current value is when the changes go into effect


• ⁠All shoulder charges are 1 hit kill again

• ⁠2 hit melees again

• ⁠Tether will now activate faster to be more reliable

• ⁠Stormtrance damage buff

• ⁠Golden Gun duration increased

• ⁠Increased throwing knife damage (2 hit kill)

• ⁠3 tap HC kills (2 body 1 head) (Aggressive 110 archetype shown)

• ⁠Warlock rifts buffed to account for quicker TTK

• ⁠Spawn with special ammo, respawn with same amount of special, can get special from kills

The first two expansions for Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris and Warmind, largely disappointed the fanbase. Soon we'll know whether Forsaken can avoid that pitfall.