Bitspower Announces the Premium Summit M CPU Water Block


Bitspower has launched its "Bitspower Premium Summit M" CPU water block series. These new water blocks feature a copper top, as well as built-in RGB lighting along with support for the Intel and AMD platforms such as TR4, AM4, LGA 2066 and LGA 1151. This combines the best of both hard-wearing construction as well as beautiful aesthetics.

Bitspower has announced the Premium Summit M CPU water block that features either a Gunmetal or Black metal versions

The design on top of the Premium Summit M CPU water block is the Bitspower logo, which is located off-center on the top of the water block. The bracket in this water block is black, while the metal segments vary between either gunmetal or black metal.

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The Premium Summit M water blocks also use a copper base, to make the heat exchange as efficient as possible. This copper base features a layer of 0.3 mm fins, or channels, to increase the surface area. This is done to further improve heat dissipation and heat transfer from the CPU to the water block itself. The Bitspower water injection design brings a high flow of coolant directly on top of these fins for immediate cooling.

The Premium Summit M water blocks are equipped with Bitspower Digital RGB lights around the top plate. They are sure to become the center of attention of your case with bright LEDs that are certified by ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASRock Polychrome, and Razer Chroma. With this extensive range of compatibility, that makes this water block perfect for a PC builder that may often do upgrades.

"Bitspower Premium" is a title that promises uncompromised quality for experienced case modders. These components were designed with the highest attention to detail and using only the best quality materials.

These water blocks come in two versions, a Gunmetal edition as well as a Black Metal edition. Both of these water blocks cost a TWD (Taiwanese New Dollar) of 4,030.00 which, when converted to the United States Dollar, is just 134.20. For more information, or to purchase, the Bitspower Premium Summit M series, visit this page.