Bitspower Brings Its Entire CPU Water Block Lineup To The AM5 Platform With New Compatibility Kit

Bitspower Brings Its Entire CPU Water Block Lineup To The AM5 Platform With New Compatibility Kit 2
Image source: Bitspower

Bitspower has launched the Bitspower AM5 kit, allowing customers to transform AMD-based Bitspower CPU water blocks into AM5-compatible products.

Bitspower creates an AM5-compatible kit to allow compatibility of their existing CPU water blocks on the AMD AM5 platform

The AM5 platform is expected to be seen in more setups used by creators, streamers, and gamers, supporting up to 170W. However, higher temperatures will come due to the increasing power of the AM5 generation. AMD has confirmed that existing AM4 cooling solutions will be supported with newer motherboards, allowing for the product's height and port distance to be managed in a 7mm increment.

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With the new AM5 kit from Bitspower, the company's current range of AMD CPU blocks can instantly relocate to AM5 socket motherboards. The company's latest generation CPU water blocks, such as the M Pro Water Blocks, are enhanced for cooling the new Ryzen 7000-series processors, enabling users to take that already-powerful processor to new performance levels.

Image source: Bitspower

AM5 motherboards have an integrated CPU socket backplate with #UNC 6-32 threads, which demands a new mounting system. This CPU-socket backplate is best left alone since extracting it also means altering the CPU loading mechanism and uncovering the socket pins. Bitspower's AM5 kit is a set of screws merged into the water block and screwed into the stock backplate of the motherboard. The Bitspower AM5 kit works with all-in-one units and tower fans.

Bitspower began in 2001 in Changhua County on the west coast of Taiwan. Starting with a few employees, the company focused initially on producing industrial cooling equipment. From there, the company saw a huge, passionate community of enthusiasts, especially in a market with a small handful of companies providing for this community. In 2005, Bitspower changed its focus to water cooling for performance computers.


Since then, Bitspower has been a leading creator of high-end cooling products for computers. The company has partnered on its products with some of the biggest names in the tech industry, and we've worked with customizers globally.

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