BioWare Working with the Modding Community for Mass Effect Legendary Edition Compatibility


The release date announcement of Mass Effect Legendary Edition is surely one of the biggest news of the week thus far. Commander Shepard comes back in a prettier and improved version of the beloved sci-fi RPG trilogy on May 14th, but existing Mass Effect fans may be wondering where that leaves all of the great mods that have been produced over the years by the dedicated community of modders for the original titles.

Well, according to Mass Effect Legendary Edition Project Director Mac Walters, there's hope yet (which makes sense, as after all the engine did not change for this remastered trilogy).

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We have been in touch with a few in the modding community to learn how best to a) update everyone on changes that will impact existing mods, and b) set the modding community up for success going forward. It’s ongoing, and we’ll discuss in more detail by launch.

Modder 'Orikon' was pleasantly surprised by the statement. His work is geared towards modding Mass Effect 3, including the Priority Earth Overhaul Mod ('a comprehensive attempt to improve Mass Effect 3's final mission in every way possible, including a vast array of restored cut content, new gameplay elements and various improvements, ranging from bug fixes all the way to whole new cutscenes -- all while being faithful to Bioware's original vision and design'), the Ambient Audio Overhaul Mod (which makes each level in Mass Effect 3 more immersive, unique and rich in audio by restoring all ambient SFX that was either accidentally cut or inaudible, resulting in every mission having a specific and unique tone, as well as a vast array of new audio which supports both the gameplay and narrative), and the Immersive Thessia Mod (which realizes the full potential of one of Mass Effect 3's most iconic missions, by introducing what the original tried but failed to portray: the visuals and sound design of a city under siege, and a tense, emotional and action-packed atmosphere, all while remaining true to Bioware's original design).

We'll keep an eye on further modding compatibility news for Mass Effect Legendary Edition as the launch date draws near. Stay tuned!