ASUS Teases Its 2021 ROG & TUF Gaming Laptop Designs – Special Event To Be Held January 12th

Alex Casas

CES 2021 is coming up soon and ASUS is already building the hype for their new products. The new Ampere Mobility GPUs have started to leak out & the excitement for the latest laptops has grown. ASUS has teased laptops from both its ROG and TUF Gaming lines. ROG laptops have always been among the best on the market for performance and TUF Gaming Laptops have been a great choice for the budget-oriented buyer.

The ASUS ROG & TUF 2021 Designs Look To Improve On The Shortcomings From The Previous Generation

ASUS teased the 2021 TUF Gaming design as an overhaul with a rectangular design. The video claims that the cooling has been massively upgraded because the previous generation had subpar cooling solutions. The extent to how much the cooling upgrade is unknown, but we also hope to see an upgrade to the display.

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The previous generation also had many people complaining about a low-quality display. The processor for the 2021 TUF Gaming is currently unknown, but it will either be the AMD's Ryzen 5000H 'Cezanne-H' CPUs and Intel's Tiger Lake-H 11th Gen CPU lineup.

The ROG teaser features the model number "ROG X13" which is one that hasn't been seen before. ROG is ASUS' top of the line brand for laptops and we believe that the latest RTX 30 Series mobile GPUs will be present in at least a few of the 2021 ROG models. The recent leaks show that the RTX 3080 mobility graphics card is on par with the RTX 2080 Ti as well as the RTX 3070 mobility graphics card is only 17 percent slower than its desktop counterpart. It is also expected that these laptops will be paired with the best from either AMD's Ryzen 5000H 'Cezanne-H' CPUs and Intel's Tiger Lake-H 11th Gen CPU lineup.

ASUS has been known as one of the best in the laptop market with its multiple brands that offer all the way from portable business laptops to the best in class gaming laptops and everything in between. The most powerful laptop currently available is the ROG Mothership featuring a form factor similar to the surface pro. A fan favorite is the Zephyrus G14 and a great innovation was the Zephyrus Duo 15 featuring dual displays.

With even better technology available including the RTX 30 Series mobility graphics card as well as AMD's Ryzen 5000H 'Cezanne-H' CPUs and Intel's Tiger Lake-H 11th Gen CPU lineup, we expect to see ASUS create even better laptops that the aforementioned ones for 2021. ASUS has January 12, 10 AM PST listed as a special event where new laptop designs will be showcased for the first time.

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