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Arctic Announces Availability Of New Alpine Passive Series Heatsinks For AM4 and Intel CPUs


Dark, reliable, affordable - these are ARCTIC's new CPU coolers, the Alpine AM4 Passive and the Alpine 12 Passive. Both passive coolers are available now and provide silent cooling for the AMD AM4 platform as well as for PC's with an Intel 115X base. The active coolers in other Alpine series will likewise be replaced with newly developed models during the course of the year.

Arctic Announces New Alpine Passive Heatsinks Priced at 13GBP

The Alpine AM4 Passive and the Alpine 12 Passive operate fanless and completely silent, yet they are powerful enough to cool all compatible CPUs up to 47 watts. The black anodization of the aluminum heat sink is not just an optical improvement: the heat dissipation of the heat sink is also increased through anodic oxidation.

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Since dust cannot settle on the Alpine AM4 Passive and the Alpine 12 Passive coolers, they can be used for years without needing maintenance. Applying MX-2 Thermal Compound beforehand ensures a quick and clean installation process.

The cooler is 95mm x 95mm x 69mm for the Intel variant the Apline 12 Passive and 99mm x 99mm x 70mm for the AMD variant of the Apline AM4 Passive. With the rarity of passive coolers this is a very cool product to see, though with only 47w of total dissipation, many users will have to only resort to the lowest performners or underclock their processors in order to keep this working effectively.

Hardware Specs of the Alpine AM 4 Passive / Alpine 12 Passive

  • Completely silent due to passive operation
  • Dustless and maintenance free
  • Pre-applied MX-2 thermal paste
  • Black anodising for improved heat dissipation

The Alpine 12 AM4 Passive and Alpine 12 Passive are available right now at Amazon.com at a price of GBP 13.99 MSRP and $12.99 USD

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