Apple Watch Series 8 Suppliers Are Reportedly Working on Components That Measure Blood Glucose

Apple Watch Series 8 Suppliers Are Reportedly Working on Components That Measure Blood Glucose

The Apple Watch Series 8 may arrive with more health-focused features, with a future launch possibly helping us forget about the minimum internal changes incorporated in the Apple Watch Series 7. According to a fresh report, the next-generation flagship wearable may feature blood glucose monitoring because suppliers are actively working on those components that can measure it.

Apple Was Previously Reported to Have Run Into Problems When Adding a Blood Glucose Monitoring Sensor

A paywalled report published on DigiTimes says that Apple’s suppliers have begun working on short-wavelength infrared sensors, which is a common sensor type used on health devices. This addition will presumably be found on the Apple Watch Series 8, and using this feature, wearers should be able to measure the amount of sugar in their blood. Slowly, the technology giant has been adding more health features to its wearable lineup.

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It all started with the addition of ECG, followed by fall detection, high and low heart rate measurement, and the latest one being blood oxygen levels, which debuted on the Apple Watch Series 6. A previous report mentioned that this is just the beginning and that we should expect to see more health features such as blood glucose monitoring, possibly on the Apple Watch Series 8. Unfortunately, the plan is not as easy as it sounds.

For one thing, Apple has reportedly run into problems such as massive battery drain, as well as difficulties reducing the size of those sensors that are required to take an accurate reading. Assuming Apple scales these obstacles, blood glucose monitoring on the Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to be followed by sensors that measure sleep and diabetes, along with a thermometer.

The idea for adding a thermometer would be to provide females with additional information regarding their ovulation cycle. This sensor will also be able to detect fevers. Another feature that may or may not debut with the Apple Watch Series 8 is blood-pressure monitoring, which can detect hypertension. Sadly, these plans are not set in stone, and according to how well these challenges are overcome, we might or might not see them materialize next year.

News Source: DigiTimes

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