Apple Watch Saves Life of a Woman After Helping Diagnose a Deadly Tumor

Apple Watch Saves Life of Woman WIth AFib

Apple will potentially announce the new Apple Watch Series 8 later this year alongside the new iPhone 14 series. The new model is expected to come with a new design and a boatload of forward-facing improvements. There is no doubt that the Apple Watch is a very capable device and the company is looking to make it better with each iteration. There have been several instances where the wearable saved the lives of people and today we have a similar story to share. An Apple Watch's heart health features uncovered a deadly tumor that could have been left undetected and saved a woman's life. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple Watch Detected Atrial Fibrillation and Saved a Maine Woman's Life

According to CBS News, a Maine woman first thought that her Apple Watch was malfunctioning and was ready to toss the watch but now she "swears by it." Earlier in May, Kim Durkee saw warnings from her Apple Watch two nights in a row. The wearable warned the user that she was experiencing atrial fibrillation. At first, the user thought that it must be an error.

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“The third night the numbers went a little too high for comfort,” Kim said. “Then I said you know what, go to the emergency room if they tell you it’s nothing to worry about then toss the watch.”

After Kim Durkee went into the emergency room, it was revealed that she did have atrial fibrillation. While the cause was unknown it turns out that it was a fast-growing tumor that was affecting the blood supply that leads to her heart.

“Doctors in Maine soon confirmed that her heart was beating erratically for a simple and scary reason. She had a myxoma, a rare, fast-growing tumor that was choking off her heart’s blood supply and would have eventually caused a stroke.”

Due to the Apple Watch's consistent warning that made the user seek medical attention, Kim Durkee was sent to Massachusetts General Hospital to get the deadly tumor removed. It was a five-hour open heart surgery and it is surprising to note that there were no other symptoms revealed by the user. All thanks to the Apple Watch's consistent warnings, Kim Durkee received medical treatment on time. Durkee states that the Apple Watch "truly saved my life."

There are countless instances where the Apple Watch saved the lives of people and this will add to it. This is all there is to it, folks. Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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