Apple Watch Series 8 Is Hardly out in the Market, and Has Already Potentially Saved a Life

Apple Watch Series 8 Is Hardly out in the Market, and Has Already Potentially Saved a Life

The new Apple Watch Series 8 has barely launched, and it has demonstrated why it is a useful addition to your wrist since it can warn the wearer of imminent danger. Owner Jason Smith has a lot to be thankful for, as the smartwatch managed to alert him to the condition of this mother, and if not treated within time, it could have proved to be fatal.

Apple Watch Series 8 Detected AFib While Device Was Strapped to Owner’s Mom, Which Alerted the Family to Seek Immediate Medical Attention

The original owner of the watch, Jason, informed 9to5Mac that his parents were going away for the weekend, but he received a call informing him that his mother was not feeling well. After strapping the Apple Watch Series 8 to the mother’s wrist and running an ECG, it was found that she had AFib (atrial fibrillation), an irregular heart rhythm that can be fatal if left undetected.

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“My parents were going away for the weekend to Chester (UK) when I received a call from my dad to say that Mum wasn’t feeling well at all. He said she felt very dizzy and as though her heart was pounding — I told them to pull over and that I would be with them as quickly as possible.”

James states that a normal checkup was performed on his mother, with nothing unusual to report.

“On arrival, I took her blood pressure and assessed her general condition, which was relatively normal considering what had happened.”

However, when he attached his shiny new wearable, the real story unfolded, and it must have been a scary revelation to the family because, as we mentioned above, the condition is fatal.

“I then took my Apple Watch Series 8 and placed it on her wrist to perform an ECG. This is when the Watch alerted us to say it had detected atrial fibrillation and to seek medical assistance immediately. I proceeded to take three more ECGs to rule out any false positives, but each one reported AFib with a resting heart rate above 160 bpm.”

Later, Jason and his parents headed to the nearest emergency room, where officials confirmed that the mother was experiencing AFib. Jason’s mother was treated later and made a full recovery with the help of some rest medicines.

“I’m happy to report that after a stay in hospital, and a number of different medications prescribed that she has to take for the rest of her life, she’s absolutely fine. The NHS specialists that looked after her said that if it wasn’t for the Apple Watch, there’s a high probability she wouldn’t have made it through the rest of the day.”

Jason later thanked Apple, Tim Cook, and Phil Schiller on Twitter (tweet shown above) on the Apple Watch Series 8 saving his mother’s life, and that he recommends anyone and everyone to purchase the wearable since it is not just helpful, but essential in various situations.

News Source: 9to5Mac

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